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Machining round

Production of all sizes

From 2D lathe profiles to complex lathe-mill, multi turret and spindle runs we have the means to meet our turning requirements!

With years of experience behind us you can trust K Tooling not miss the details.  With 3" thru the spindle and up to a 10" chuck our sweet spot is right where you want it to be.  

Castings and other shapes

Preforms, castings, and other non-billit products

If it's not made from bar stock then it's likely a pre detirmined shape for investment casting, diecast parts we have the means to fixture and run in our turning centers.  It always depends on the pat design but casting up to 8" diameter our usually a good fit.  Ask us about it.

World class technology and systems


Back in the 1990's we started with one CNC lathe. With machinery at the ready you can count so you can check it off your list, DONE! 

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