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3D Printing

3D printing from prototype to an alternative for plastic injection molding

3D Printing prototyping

With just a CAD file we can print you design within hours. If you want to take it a step further we can guide you through the process to meet your goals for your project.  3D printing isn't just for the hobbyist anymore.  It's a viable replacement to plastic injection molding when you not sure about the direction of a product.


Product development

3D Printing is a great option just to test the theory of your design.  It's also a great way to ease into production before CNC machining or a plastic injection mold.  We've done projects with dozens of revisions before it was ready for production and it's better to solve it at the prototype phase rather than to overlook something at production.


Did you know that today's 3D printers can produce production parts from many injection molded quality materials?  If you unsure of your product quantities or final design then 3D printing could be the answer.

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