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Sheet Metal Fabrication

Fabrication and Machining go hand in hand

Laser cutting

Fiber Laser at your service!

Faster than a CO2 laser, we're able to cut up to 3/4" steel, 5/8 stainless steel, 1/2" aluminum, along with copper and bronze alloys. Add our bending, welding, and machining and you have a winning combination.  Pre-load sheets up to 5' x 10' for unmanned production.


6-axis back gage with over 190 ton/foot = success!

If you want to make bends and do it accurately and quickly then you've come to the right place.  Our Trumpf 5170 is called for duty.  Our flagship press brake is ready for anything we can throw at it. Being 10' long bending 1/4" at full length is ready for your parts. In addition to it's Y axis shift there is never a need for special back gage tooling saving customer's time and money.

PEM's, Painting, Powder Coating... Extra services


Powder coat

PEM insertion

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