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Machining square

Production of all sizes

From 3 to 5-axis machining with 24/7 production for simple to complex shapes!

With over 250 work holding positions and 330 preloaded cutting tools in our 5th axis machining center, we're equipped to meet your production requirements from 1 to 1000's. Forcasting and Just In Time delivery schedules are one of our specialties.  Vertical, Horizontal, 4th, and 5th axis machinery always at the ready to start your project the same day!

Castings and other shapes

Preforms, castings, and other non-billet products

If it's not made from bar stock then it's likely a predetermined shape, a "casting" or "molded" part. From aluminum sand casting, investment casting, powdered metals, or diecast, we have the means to fixture and preload in any one of our several machining centers. Castings up to 500mm cubes are welcome on our 400mm horizontal machining center.  Larger format parts in our vertical machining centers of over 40" long we can achieved. With tolerances down to ten thousandths of an inch.

What do you mean, "Starts the same day"? Well we're never at complete capacity.  Much of the work happen before it ever hits the floor.  Engineering review, process development, material ordering, blueprint preparation, job kitting, fixturing, inspection routines, and tooling all occur before the project is released to the floor, as we time the arrival of the raw material. Within hours of the material arrive and inspection, blanks are cut and staged ready to be assigned to the next available work center.  Saving hours of spindle idle time, reducing overall lead-time to the customer.

Many of our project flow right into our "lights out production". Take the eight sided fixture with the aluminum blanks. These are all prepaired ahead of time and pulled from stock.  Customer has a monthy requirement of 200 pc. We cycle these parts every night meeting their JIT schedule, no stress, no last minute ordering and we have 32 more work stations just like it for your project.

8 sided fixture example.jpg

OBSOLETE aluminum casting that was no longer available transforms into a, build from bar stock project. Customer turns to K Tooling for an answer but all they had was an old casting on the shelf. We worked with their engineering to design a "machined version" saving thousands and providing a better solution.

Copper connector produced 50% faster than before moving from a multi-station build into a one step operation. Increasing monthly output, reducing cost, a WIN / WIN! Watch the video. 

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