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Eight sided workholding for your 5 axis machine or rotary table

  • Made from aerospace grade aluminum less than 20 kg. with vices

  • Hard Anodized coated 70Rc for prolonged life.

  • 52mm and 96mm zeropoint clamping positions for direct mounting onto your clamp plate.

  • Proven vise technology by SCHUNK KSC mini 70-80 (included)

  • Vises come with hardened steel serrated jaws (16 included)

  • Same day shipping 

  • Field tested with thousands of hours of proven results

  • Available in 2,3,4, and 6 sided configuration.

  • Custom workholding design available to meet your needs.

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Work holding for real life

Not just a design but working everyday

We were not able to find what we were looking for, not in its entirety. It took us over a year in looking at the industry, testing products, only to find out that when we found something close to what we wanted it wasn't in stock.  What we did find were products that were limited in scope and flexibility, so we decided to design our own.  With the discovery of some commercial products and utlizing our years of manufacturing and tooling design experience, we developed OCTANE!

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